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Big shout out to Timberlake

Justin’s new album the 2020 experience is absolutely dope!! From the open track it grabs your attention. It’s great to see the growth of such a talented artist. This album is the perfect blend of old school and new school funk. The production is superb and a great deal of attention was paid to detail. Glad to see TimberlakeJustin’s hasn’t abandoned his musical artistry.

Musician’s pay

Its time for musicians to resume booking their own gigs. Let’s cut out the pointless middle men. Why do we need someone to get us the same local gigs that we can get ourselves. They take their cut but yet rely on artist to promote the show. If a promoter or booking agent can book gigs that are out of artists reach, then by all means they should be paid a handling fee. However, so many times this is not the case. Like I said before who needs em!!!

Tavaris Stephens CD release

On March 23rd Tavaris Stephens will be debuting his first album The Ascension Project. I have the honor of being on of the executive producers on the cd. Its going to be great project. The CD release concert will start at 8:00pm at the 14th Street Playhouse. Come out you are in for a real treat. Yours truly will be performing.

John Beal Collective Live

The John Beal Collective will be at Acoustix Jazz Lounge on March 15th and 16th from 7:30-11:30. These are going to be two majical nights. Don’t miss this occasion.

Phil Davis in Concert Today

This evening at 7pm I will be producing a live recording and video of Phil Davis performing at Clark Atlanta Georgia. I sat in on the rehearsal yesterday…I think we are in for a stellar performance.